A pest is any living thing which poses a threat to the well-being and safety of humans and their surroundings. They are just living beings when in their own habitats. But when they begin invading human space, they become nuisances and can endanger the human life. Throughout history, there have been many breakouts of epidemics due to pests. Farmers lose a significant percentage of their harvest because of pests. They transmit harmful diseases and destroy human property. So controlling your pests is necessary and important.

How to control pests?


Knowing your pests is the first step in controlling them. A pest in one environment might actually be beneficial and useful to humans in another. The type of pests varies with surroundings. Identifying the pests in your surrounding and learning about them will ultimately help you find ways to control them.

Methods of pest control

Use of pesticides is very effective. But since pesticides have toxic effects on humans as well, controlling your pests using them should not be your first option. Prevention is always better than cure, and the best way to prevent pests is by eliminating the primary reason why they come into the human habitat which is a food source. This includes disposing of human waste and food waste in a hygienic way. Waste should be regularly cleared from the living space. Houses should be cleaned regularly with disinfectants. All edibles should be properly sealed and packed.Another method, called the biological method, is also used in controlling pests. This method was found to be successful in several cases and involves using another organism to feed on the pest, thus eliminating them. If the pest problem is much more severe and the above methods are not successful in exterminating them, then pesticides should be used.

Know your pesticides

When using pesticides, a thorough study should be done on the different types, the toxic effects and the equipment to be used, both for application and self-protection.There are different types of pesticides depending upon the type of pests that need to be controlled. It is important to know the basics about the different types to decide on the right one to be used on your pest. Insecticides are used for insects and they can be in solid, liquid, granule or aerosol form and can be used depending on the type of insect. jmnhgbvfPesticides enter the insect body where they act as a poison and kill them. Herbicides are used for plants. Rodenticides are used for rodents such as rats and mice. Bactericides, fungicides, and larvicides are used for bacteria, fungi, and larvae respectively. Self protection is critical, and the user should read all the instructions carefully and make sure that all the safety precautions are followed before using pesticides. Protective equipment like overalls, gloves, boots, etc. should be used to prevent exposure. If the pest situation is extreme, then a professional exterminator should be contacted.


Pests are branded under the red circle and slash, the universal ‘NO’ sign for a reason. Controlling your pests will lead to a better and healthier life.…